Social Media Marketing in Kenya: The Ultimate Guide 

 Social media marketing is an important thing that every successful business owner in Kenya should strive for. Social media has become an essential communication channel for every business, and a social media marketing strategy is part of a digital marketing plan. In other words, it can be said that social media marketing is only a fraction of the digital marketing strategy, the rest includes email marketing and search engine optimization. You can develop a marketing strategy yourself with the help of a professional or a friend. 


  What are the 6 best social media marketing strategies 


  1. Share engaging content.

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 Content is the king of any successful social media marketing strategy. Good content rules. Just avoid posting. Your posts should be really valuable and informative so that your target audience will find them useful and interesting. You can make your content more attractive by adding graphics, images, GIFs, emoticons, or short videos to your posts.  You can also play with frames, filters and other features to make your posts stand out. Another thing you might consider is creating content on platforms where attention is undervalued. For example, if you are starting social media marketing today, would it be easier to build your brand on Instagram or Quora?  I think Quora would work better because on Quora you are not competing with thousands of people for their attention. Note that Quora gets countless aspiring writers, on the other hand, Instagram has more and more people trying to be influencers. That’s why it’s important to choose the best social media platform that suits you and works effectively for you. 

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  1. Audience Expansion: Increase engagement on social media.


 What are some good ways to increase social media engagement?  To grow and expand your audience, you need to increase your followers. There are several tactics you can use to grow your following on all social media platforms. 

  • Write compelling headlines.

Headlines are the first thing social media users see. That’s why it’s significant to write good headlines that attract more engagement. Writing short and catchy headlines is the only way to grab people’s attention. Make a cultivation nomination for people who can’t wait to like, share and comment. 

  • Keep your posts and content to the optimal length. This is how it goes. 

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 Facebook messages = 40 characters 

 Tweets = 71–100 characters 

 LinkedIn = 25 words 

 Blog posts = at least 500 words 

 Hashtags = 6 characters 


  •  Be active and post often and consistently. 

  Posting regularly and consistently will help keep your audience engaged. It also helps them to follow you, as well as being attractive. 

  •  Republishing and distribution of evergreen content. 

  It’s worth considering turning your content into podcasts, videos or infographics, as people differ in what content they want to consume.  

  •  Use relevant hashtags.  

Using appropriate hashtags can increase social media engagement. This is also a useful way to make your posts more hashtaggable and help your keywords stand out in the post itself. They are also great for following the conversation around a specific topic and connecting with people using those hashtags. 

  •   Post optimally

 There are certain times of the day when your social media posts get the most engagement. 

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  •  Use of polls and surveys 


 Another way to engage users is through polls and surveys. Polls tell you more about your followers. Surveys and survey results not only provide you with valuable information, but also give your audience a chance to provide feedback and feel heard. 

  •  Feedback and reviews 


 A positive review increases the trust and value of your brand or business. Ask your followers to share their opinion and leave their thoughts and comments as comments. 

  •  Submit your experience 


  •  Reward your followers 


  1. Social media review. 

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 A social media audit is basically a way of looking at how your social media is performing for your company, business, or brand. It helps you look at certain metrics to evaluate your current social media strategies, future opportunities and optimize your account. These metrics contain data. Demographics, engagement levels, location, campaign performance and more. 


  1. Researching competitors


 It is the process of identifying competitors, learning about their strengths and weaknesses, and evaluating their products and services. It usually helps you understand the market and find ways to make your business stand out. It is important to consider these factors when researching 


  1. a) Strengths – What the company or business does well 
  2. b) Weaknesses – what the company or business does wrong.
  3. c) Opportunities – where growth can happen. 
  4. d) Threats – what new competitors or threats are entering the market. 


  1. Knowing your audience


 Knowing and understanding your audience will help you understand what content and messages matter to people. Knowing your audience will also help you choose the approach and tone of your message. You can better understand your audience 


 ✓  Create your audience in advance 

 ✓  Track your competitors 

 ✓  Create a personality 

 ✓  Know your customers 

 ✓ Track follower engagement 

 ✓ Take the survey 

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  1. User influencer marketing

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 Influencer marketing is a form of social media marketing that allows a company or business to work with influencers who have large followings on various social media platforms. Companies can ask people with large followings to post content on their platforms promoting their products and services. This form of social media marketing helps your business reach new audiences, increase brand awareness, sales, and referrals. It also helps to increase the number of customers. Retention, get reviews and social proof. 


All in all, nothing happens overnight. Success requires hard work, dedication, and consistency. If you don’t have time to implement the discussed social media strategies, you can hire a social media manager to help you keep your audience or followers engaged.

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